Chugach Management Services, Inc Security Specialist in ANCHORAGE, Alaska

Summary/General Description of Job:

This position serves a Security Specialist for the subsidiaries and joint ventures of Chugach Government Solutions, LLC Industrial Security Department. This position will provide support for all classified and unclassified government contract project sites.

Essential Duties & Job Functions:

  • Coordinates Industrial Security requirements with CFSO and staff providing support to all project site FSOs, project site Assistants to the FSO (AFSOs) and Security Points of Contact (SPOCs).

  • Works independently based on immediate needs, or with direction from the CFSO, within established policies and procedures.

  • Establishes and maintains Industrial Security master hard copy records and electronic files related to all subsidiaries and joint ventures of CGS, LLC government contracts. This include spreadsheets, databases, paper records, etc. for accountability, reporting and statistical purposes.

  • Utilizes the U.S. Government software application, currently named Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) and / or any successor program, to include, but not limited to:

    o Research employee for eligibility

    o Enter new employees’ sensitive data into the database

    o Review notifications (eligibility changes, incident reports, messages from the Central Adjudication Facility (CAF), etc.)

    o Generate reports (periodic reinvestigation due dates, reconciliation with corporate master spreadsheet, etc.)

    o Create or receive Visit Authorization Requests (VARs)

  • Reviews, processes and provides assistance in the use of Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Process (e-QIP) (SF 86) for processing of personnel clearances.

  • Provides assistance with the NACI requirements, researching and providing assistance on unclassified contract requirements.

  • Conducts investigations, in coordination with the reporting project site, the Senior Security Support Specialist and CFSO, on security violations, adverse information, suspicious contacts, etc. This includes initial reporting and final reporting to the contract customer, DSS and the FBI, as required. All incident reporting to be filed in JPAS will be coordinated with the CFSO.

  • Provides initial and refresher Industrial Security briefings, and debriefings for terminating cleared employees; as well as providing briefings for uncleared employees and other contract identified specific training for cleared and/or uncleared employees.

  • Ensures that employees performing on classified contracts meet all security requirements with regard to visit authorizations and other customer Industrial Security requirements.

  • Ensures that employees terminating from classified contracts have been properly out-processed in all of our master records and JPAS.

  • Provides fingerprinting services for Chugach employees and processes fingerprints in SWFT.

  • Receives, reviews for accuracy, processes, validates, updates and performs reviews of master records of Industrial Security information, based on input received project site FSO(s), AFSOs and SPOCs.

  • Performs reconciliations of Government system data reports to Chugach data by validating and updating Chugach’s master records. Performs regular reconciliations of Chugach’s master records with project sites.

  • Performs follow-up action on Industrial Security issues addressed by others.

  • Reviews new solicitations and Requests for Proposals (RPFs) for Industrial Security and HSPD-12 requirements.

  • Provides support and assistance for new contract start-ups and contract close-outs, as required.

  • Recommends revisions and/or revises such items as Chugach Industrial Security policies/procedures, i.e., Standard Practice Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Desk Guides, Training and Awareness Program, etc.

  • Travels to project sites for contract start-ups and project Industrial Security reviews, as required.

  • Assists in preparation for, and accountability for, DSS Security Vulnerability Assessments, to include reviewing project sites self-inspections.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Accountable For:

  • High degree of accuracy in completion of all work.

  • Timely and cost-effective performance of duties.

  • Maintaining confidentiality.

  • Working with a variety of people in a professional and courteous manner in diversified situations.

  • Possess good interpersonal and communication (oral and written) skills and ability to work harmoniously with other corporate employees, customers, and site personnel in diversified situations.

  • Ability to coordinate several activities at once and quickly identify, analyze, and resolve specific problems.

  • Ability to work with deadlines, including being adaptable and versatile.

  • Exercise good judgment, display discretion, and show a strong initiative.

  • Ability to work independently.


  • Must be a U.S. citizen.

  • This position requires the individual to obtain and maintain a TOP SECRET security clearance. At a minimum, a current SECRET security clearance issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) is REQUIRED at the time of hire with upgrading to a TOP SECRET security clearance occurring immediately after introductory period.

  • Two (2) years’ experience in industrial security matters, including documented completion of a FSO Program Management for Possessing Facilities Course and continuing education.

  • Experience processing employees for Personnel (Security) Clearances (PCL) by the use of Government-specified processes such has the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing (eQIP).

  • Experience with U.S. Government programs such as JPAS, e-QIP, and SWFT.

  • Experience in the requirements of Defense Security Service (DSS) Security Vulnerabilities Assessments and Self-Inspections.

  • Experience in reviewing advertised solicitations for government contracts.

  • Knowledge of Government contracting terminology, processes, and procedures.

  • Knowledge of Government regulations such as Federal Acquisition Regulations, DFARs, etc.

  • Ability to display discretion in protecting Chugach proprietary information and confidential sensitive personal information contained in industrial security files.

  • Advanced computer proficiency of Microsoft Office software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, database development and management, graphics, and organization charts.


  • TOP SECRET security clearance.

  • Minimum of two years’ first-hand experience in government contracting.

Title: Security Specialist

Location: Alaska-ANCHORAGE

Requisition ID: AK0101065