Target Pricing and Presentation Team Leader in Anchorage, Alaska

data-selector-name="jobdetails" data-org-id="1118" data-job-id="7559277" data-google-job-id="" data-apply-click-url="/job/ApplyClick">Pricing and Presentation Team LeaderApply NowJob ID:6908099Date posted:03/21/2018Location:150 W 100th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska

Description:As a Price Accuracy Team Leader at Target, you are responsible for value perception of the store including educating the team on competitive price changes, up and coming markdowns and how to increase sell through of products. As a Presentation Team Leader at Target, you are responsible for introducing new product to our guests and providing a seasonally relevant shopping experience, as well as educating team members on new product assortment and offerings. Assess, recommend and retain top talent at the hourly team member level and proactively communicate staffing and scheduling needs to the HR team. Stay current on your store's financial, team and operational performance; identify the root cause of problems and take action to achieve performance goals.

Qualifications:Welcoming and helpful attitude toward guests and other team members. Able to learn and adapt to current technology needs. Able to think quickly on the spot to answer guest questions. Flexible work schedule (e.g., nights, weekends and holidays) and regular attendance necessary. Able to lift 40 lbs. Willing to cross-train and work in other areas of the store, as needed.